Dedicated fiber connections 

within Business Campus Munich : Garching

Campus Fiber

Net-D-Sign Campus Fiber provides you with a dedicated fiber optic connection between different rental units within Business Campus Munich : Garching.

This type of fiber connectivity allows you to implement a powerful protocol-independent network connection that fulfills your individual needs and requirements.

We offer you tailor-made contract terms (i.e., matching the term of your office lease), reasonable and affordable pricing and short lead times.

Our services

  • Dark Fiber: Your dedicated fiber connection through the Net-D-Sign network - multiple offices are connected as if they were one single office
  • Flexible bandwidths: Depending on the hardware and optics you use, the bandwidth is determined by you. Whether you need speeds of 1 Gbit/s, 10 Gbit/s or higher – the hardware you choose determines the bandwidth you can use.

Why you should work with us

In-house cabling included

Net-D-Sign will offer you connectivity right to your office – with one SLA that covers it all, including the in-house cabling which is often excluded in other ISPs SLAs.

Rapid Deployment

Most rental united at Business Campus Munich:Garching are already connected to Net-D-Sign’s fiber network – not just the building. With in-house cabling already being in place, you can count on a quick and reliable deployment of your connection without unnecessary delays.

Personal Local Contacts

Net-D-Sign does not only provide you with one of the best network connections at Business Campus Munich:Garching, but also with a local presence on-site – we’re ready to support you in case you need any assistance.

Dual entry in select buildings

Net-D-Sign can offer you tailor-made solutions for high availability with dual entry in select buildings. Edge- and node-disjoint paths can be provided at an additional charge to guarantee true redundancy if needed.

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