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Internet / IP Access

Get fast internet for your business – Net-D-Sign delivers up to 10 Gbit/s speeds based on state-of-the-art Fiber to the Office connectivity.

Fiber optic internet was designed just for delivering internet right to your office. Unlike the old-fashioned copper lines you get with traditional ADSL/VDSL connections, Net-D-Sign provides you with a strong, steady and reliable connection with (way) fewer points of failure.

We only offer symmetric internet connections, which means you get equally fast upload and download speeds – from 50 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s. Symmetric internet speed capability provides quick access to the cloud, video conference, connect to VPN, transfer large files and more.

The internet access solutions Net-D-Sign offers are an excellent choice for your business. Fiber-based connectivity will enable you to:

  • Connect with customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees without interruptions
  • Communicate high volumes of information quickly
  • Provide onsite Wi-Fi networks for employees and customers
  • Enjoy fast speeds, reliability, scalability, and value

Net-D-Sign provides all customers with a provider-assigned IPv4/IPv6 network at no extra cost, plus support as needed when you’re ready to connect to our network. Net-D-Sign will always hand over the service in your office – any necessary in-house cabling being included.

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Our services

  • State of the art connectivity - Fiber to the Office: High speed internet, enabling you to make full use of the internet without any boundaries at your office.
  • Symmetrical bandwidths of up to 10 Gbit/s: Fiber connectivity by Net-D-Sign offers you the right internet speeds for your individual business needs. With fast upload and download speeds without any throttling, you’ll be able to be highly efficient no matter what.
  • Excellent network with low latency times: Use business applications like Voice over IP, video conferencing or cloud-based solutions with high performance.
  • Permanent monitoring: Thanks to proactive monitoring of all network connections, Net-D-Sign will detect possible errors at a very early stage, so that they can be resolved proactively.
  • Fixed IP addresses: Net-D-Sign provides all customers with a provider-assigned IPv4/IPv6 network at no extra cost, allowing you to run business applications or servers as you need it.

Our advantages and strengths

Redundant and failsafe

Our reliable connection is as good as it sounds – thanks to two independent entry points at BusinessCampus Munich:Garching. Net-D-Sign provides you with redundancy, high availability, and utmost reliability – at no extra cost. Because downtime is not an option.

Great flexibility

In case your bandwidth requirements have increased suddenly – Net-D-Sign is capable to increase the bandwidth available to you at short notice. As your business grows, Net-D-Sign will provide you with the connectivity and speed that fiber offers to scale to support increasing amounts of data traffic.

In-house cabling included

Net-D-Sign will offer you connectivity right to your office – with one SLA that covers it all, including the in-house cabling which is often excluded in other ISPs SLAs.

Rapid Deployment

Most rental united at Business Campus Munich:Garching are already connected to Net-D-Sign’s fiber network – not just the building. With in-house cabling already being in place, you can count on a quick and reliable deployment of your connection without unnecessary delays.

Personal Local Contacts

Net-D-Sign does not only provide you with one of the best network connections at Business Campus Munich:Garching, but also with a local presence on-site – we’re ready to support you in case you need any assistance.

Dual entry in select buildings

Net-D-Sign can offer you tailor-made solutions for high availability with dual entry in select buildings. Edge- and node-disjoint paths can be provided at an additional charge to guarantee true redundancy if needed.

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